Verseau Paris offers high-end ready-to-wear items on its website,

In order to sell and deliver its products, Verseau Paris collects personal data from visitors and users of its website.

This Personal Data Protection Policy is intended to provide visitors and users with information relating to how Verseau Paris collects, access, processes, and stores your personal data and about your rights in this respect.

At Verseau Paris, we care to ensure your privacy remains intact while and after visiting our website. Below, we explain how we handle your information according to the EU’s data protection regulation GDPR.

The customer is informed that certain data must be collected by Verseau Paris in order to perform its services. If the customer does not wish to disclose this data, Verseau Paris will not be able to perform its services.

This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) may be modified at any time by Verseau Paris, in particular in order to comply with any regulatory, jurisprudential, editorial or technical changes. The user must refer to the latest version of the Policy before browsing.

What is personal data ?

Personal Data refers to any information or pieces of information that could identify You. Your Personal Data could be: your name, surname, email, address and other contact information. Your purchasing history or your IP address could also qualify as personal data. 

Categories of personal data:

  • Full name
  • Social security number
  • Contact Information (e.g. address, e-mail and telephone number).
  • Your correspondence
  • Information about time of purchase, place of purchase and possible complaints
  • Technical information about your equipment

Who is responsible for the personal data we collect?

The controller, who collects the personal data and implements the data processing operations is Verseau Paris, a simplified joint stock company (société par actions simplifiée) with a share capital of €2,000  registered with the Creteil Trade and Companies Register under number 904 154 655, having its registered office at 83 rue de Seine in Alfortville (94140), France, acts as Data Controller

How do you collect my personal data?

We collect your personal data when :

– you place an order, 

– you sign up to our marketing and newsletter-emails, 

– you access or use our website and the other services offered by our website (

– you contact our customer service or interact with us through the contact forms.

Why do we collect your personal data ?

We need this information to make the payment and ship your order to the correct address and contact you for your delivery. 

We also need this information for returns, complaints and check ups on your age.

What data do we collect ?

The categories of Personal Data that we collect include:

 – user account data: the data provided by the User when creating an account by filling in the registration form (name, surname, billing and delivery postal addresses, email address, mobile phone number, password for connecting to the customer account);

  – personal data of the user when he/she enters it in his/her customer account: date of birth;

  – transaction data: means the data that the user provides when making purchases, information relating to orders placed and returned items such as telephone number, address, e-mail address and information relating to payment method;

  – exchanges with customer service;

  – browsing data: refers to the data collected by the Publisher while the User is browsing the Website and the Applications, such as the date, time of connection and/or browsing, browser type, browser language, IP address, location data and geolocation.

For what purposes do we collect your personal data ?


We will retain your personal data until the purchase is fully complete (this includes delivery and payment) and for 36 months thereafter in order to handle eventual complaint and/or quality matters. 

The retention of your personal data is necessary for:

  • Managing payment (including analysis of potential payment solutions, which could include payment history and collecting credit information from payment providers).
  • Handling complaints and guarantee matters to us in order to fulfil our commitments in accordance with the purchase agreement. 

Categories of personal data that may be processed for this purpose:

  • Full name
  • Contact Information (e.g. address, e-mail and telephone number)
  • Payment history
  • Payment information
  • Order information (e.g. what type of product that been purchased, if the product will be delivered to another address)

The handling is necessary for us in order to accommodate our and your interests to manage customer support matters, until the customer support matter has been completed.

If this case, your personal data may be used for the purpose of:

  • Communication and answering possible questions when in contact with our Customer Service team (via telephone or digital channels including social media)
  • Identification
  • Handling eventual complaints or support matters (including technical support)

If/When you have given consent to receive direct marketing, Verseau Paris will handle personal data that is registered for direct marketing until you deregister or inform Verseau Paris that you no longer would like to receive direct marketing. Please note that a time frame of 30 days may occur due to administration. 

The direct marketing dispatches are received by persons who themselves registered through application for newsletters or if the person have had direct contact with employees at Verseau Paris.

In this case, your personal data may be used for the purpose of:

  • Newsletter mailing or other form of direct –or email marketing
  • Ads on social media platforms where Verseau Paris operates

Categories of personal data that may be processed for this purpose:

  • Full name
  • Contact information (e.g. address, email and telephone number)
  • Information about time of purchase, place of purchase and possible complaints

Some of the services may be altered or inaccessible if consent to the collection of the data mentioned in this Privacy Policy is not granted.

Where do we store your data ?

We aim to treat your personal data within EU/ESS. However, in some cases, we may rely on certain service providers, which are located outside of EU/ESS where personal data protection laws differ from those that apply in EU/ESS.

How long do we store your data ?

User data will not be retained beyond the period strictly necessary for the purposes set out herein and in accordance with applicable regulations and laws. Storage period is in general 36 months from the termination of the user’s account or the last contact with the relevant prospect. User data is deleted upon expiry of storage periods. 

Yet, Verseau Paris can retain your personal data for as long as it is necessary to the purpose and for as long as there are legal grounds for the purpose.

How is your personal data secured/protected ?

We are using IT-systems to protect the secrecy, integrity and the access to the personal data to ensure that they are protected against unlawful access, loss, destruction or damage. Only the people who actually need to treat your personal data to meet our stated purpose have access to it.

What are your rights in relation to your data ?

We are transparent on how we handle your information. 

You have the right to know what kind of information Verseau Paris stores about you and why. If the information is wrong, incomplete or irrelevant, you always have the right to demand that they are corrected and/or deleted.

If we treat your personal data with consent as a legal ground, you have the right to withdraw the consent at any time with future effect.

Registered users have the right to oppose their personal data being used for marketing. The easiest way to stop getting direct marketing is to unregister from mailing by clicking the ”unsubscribe”-button in the send-out or contact us at

Registered users always have the right to have their personal data deleted. The only exception is if we are required by law to keep the information in question.

What are cookies and how do we use them?

Cookies are small text files that are being stored on your hard drive when you are visiting websites. We use first hand cookies and third party cookies for the main purposes of web functionality, web statistics and marketing. Some cookies are necessary to ensure that the website is working correctly. These cookies keep track of your settings and make your shopping experience more comfortable by, for example, recognising your device and remembering your preferences and settings. Cookies are also used to gather information about, for example, the duration of a visit, previously visited websites, if a transaction was completed or demographic information like age. This information is being used for analytical purposes and makes it possible for us to create the best possible shopping experience for you.

We use strictly technical cookies for the proper functioning of the Website and anonymized cookies for statistical analysis. These cookies do not store any of your Personal Data.


You can easily remove cookies from your computer or mobile device through your browser. For instructions on how to handle and delete cookies, go to “help” in your browser. You can choose to de-activate cookies or get a notification every time a new cookie is being sent to your computer or device. Please observe, that if you choose to de-activate cookies, you will not be able to use all functions on our website.


We use some commercial collaborators that enable us to make our website and our offers more interesting to you. The cookies that are being used in these cases give us information on: which products you have been looking at, if something was bought, which products you searched for etc. In this context some of our commercial collaborators save some information about which websites you have visited before and which products you have shown interest in. The purpose is to be able to show you advertisements that are aligned with what you are interested in, in the best way possible.


Our website uses a marketing technique called retargeting. We use this technique in order to make our internet offers more interesting to you. This technique enables us to reach out to internet users that have already shown interest in our website and our products on our collaborators websites.


This website uses Google (Universal) Analytics, a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. ( Google (Universal) Analytics uses methods that enable an analysis of your activity on our website. For example, ”Cookies”- text files that are being stored on your computer. The creation of information about your using of this website is usually transmitted to one of Googles servers in USA and is saved there.

By activating IP-anonymization on this website, your IP-address will first be shortened before transfer within the European Union Member States or in other countries of the European Economic Area. In an addition to that you can prevent registration of information on how you use this website, that are created by Cookies (and your IP-address), by Google and the treating of this information through Google, by downloading and installing the plugin in to your browser, that you can find by clicking on this link: One alternative to the plugin in the browser is to click on this link to prevent registration through Google Analytics on this website. An opt-out cookie will then be saved to your terminal. Please note that if you delete your cookies, you will have to click on this link again.

Who has access to your data ?

Your Data is processed by Verseau Paris for the purposes described above and are only accessible to Verseau Paris personnel who need to know it to perform their duties. Certain third parties may have access to your Data (see section below).

Third parties

In order to run our business, the information we are gathering can be shared with our partners for analytical reasons. No personal data will be forwarded, sent along, traded, or published outside of our organization and our trustworthy partners.

These partners help us with payments, logistics, website hosting, security and maintenance providers, technical service providers responsible for sending e-mails and newsletters, anti-spam and anti-bot services).

The data relating to the payment method (credit card number, expiry date, authorization number, security code) are collected directly by our service providers Stripe and Paypal.

The networks on which we publish editorial and promotional content (such as Facebook and Instagram) may also use automated, context-based and interest related means to collect user data (interactions with functions and profiling of the online activity). This data is collected directly by such providers and/or third parties and is subject to their policies. To the extent permitted by applicable law, Verseau Paris is not responsible for the practices of such service providers and third parties.

How can you contact us if you have any questions?

You can always contact our customer support with questions regarding our privacy policy at We may make changes to our privacy policy. The latest version is always available at

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